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Security Certificates

Digital Signatures: Introduction

GlobalSign Security Certificate
HHD Software uses GlobalSign for our Digital Certificates.

Customers trust software they buy in a store because they can tell who published the product and can see whether the package has been opened or not.

The Internet cannot offer the reassurance provided by shrink-wrapped software. When customers download software from the Internet, the most they see is a message warning them about As a solution major software vendors such as Netscape and Microsoft have developed tools for code signing. Code signing allows a developer to sign his/her application digitally. On the strength of that signature, the browser or operating system then decides whether or not to trust the software.

When customers download software signed with a GlobalSign Code Signing Certificate, they can be assured of:

  • Content source: the software really comes from the publisher who signed it.
  • Content integrity: the software has not been altered or corrupted since it was signed.

A GlobalSign Code Signing Certificate goes a long way in establishing user confidence.

Developers and webmasters benefit from signed code because it positively supports their reputation and makes their products harder to falsify.

HHD Software Products

HHD Software Products are digitally signed to ensure you that the product you are downloading is the original HHD Software product and was not changed or modified by third parties, and is virus free.

Web Site Security

HHD Software site offers the highest level of security, our pages that you order our software from use SSL 128 bit encryption to prevent your credit card information from being stolen.

HHD Software is on the edge of technology to keep your information private and you PC secure.

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